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The Lihini Group of Companies sustainability policies articulates how Lihini Group create long-term value by integrating economic, environmental and social considerations. The policy will help all the subsidiary companies to integrate sustainability considerations into all decisions and key work processes, mitigating future risks and maximising opportunities. At Lihini Group of Companies, we recognise that our operations are not direct result in emissions to air and water. However it is our aim to reduce or eliminate the environmental impacts of our business and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner in line with our environmental policy.
We are committed to meet the relevant environmental legislation and regulations in accordance with the requirements of Sri Lankan law and regulations.

One of our main objectives is to support and contribute to the well-being of the society and communities in which we operate. For this reason:

• We utilise local resources;
• We encourage participation at individual and corporate level;
• We support cooperation with local suppliers, contractors, professionals etc;
• We employ local staff at a ratio very close to, or exactly at 100%;
• We renounce any malpractices (child labour, environmental pollution etc);
• We consider Group employees as our most valuable investment.

At Lihini Group of Companies, we understand employees are an essential part of running sustainable businesses. We are an equal opportunities employer and offer our staff competitive remuneration and benefits. We try to communicate with staff to ensure their commitment to our values. The working environment is intended to promote diversity and respect, and to encourage an appropriate work-life balance.

As an approved Dolphin Safe Tuna processing and fishing companies in Sri Lanka Lihini Group of Companies & Lihini Seafood Pvt Ltd dolphin-safe labels are used to denote compliance with policies designed to minimize dolphin fatalities during fishing for tuna destined for processing. We used to taking care of Dolphin while we are fishing for tuna.